What is a wax melt? 

Wax melts are scented pieces of wax, similar to a candle but without the wick. You simply pop them onto a wax melt burner and enjoy the aroma!

How long do wax melts last?
This completely depends on how much wax you use each time. 1 section from a standard snap bar will last approx. 6-8 hours meaning a £3 snap bar will last up to 30-40 hours!! I recommend changing your wax after 2-3 melts. 

Which wax burners are the best to use?
Again this is completely down to preference. personally I prefer tea light burners as I believe they give a stronger scent throw. However if you have children/ pets an electric burner would be safer!


Does IncrediBubble wax work with electric burners?

Yes our wax does work in an electric burner.

How do you remove wax melts?
There are a few different methods to remove wax from a burner, here are 2 methods that I like to use...

1. when the wax has gone hard, light your tea light underneath (like you usually would) and simply wait 30-40 seconds, apply a little pressure on to the solid wax and it should just pop out, then simply wipe up any residue with a cotton wool ball/tissue.

2. when the wax is fully melted simply pop a cotton wool ball into the wax and it will soak it right up, dispose of the cotton wool ball straight away (be careful not to drip wax). Repeat this until all the wax from the burner has completely gone. Please join our FB group to see a video of this method.

Can I reuse wax melts?
Once the scent has completely gone, I recommend disposing the remaining wax, do not try adding your own oils etc as this could cause a chemical reaction.